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Vocational education and training


HSC VET Industry Curriculum Framework (ICF) Courses

  • An Industry Curriculum Framework course, studied as part of the HSC, enables students to acquire a range of technical, personal and organisational skills valued both within and beyond the workplace.
  • Students receive a nationally recognised Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) credential on successful completion of a course.
  • The examination mark from one Industry Curriculum Framework VET course may be included in the calculation of a student's University Admission Index (UAI).

School based assessment

  • VET courses are competency based. This requires students to develop the competencies, skills and knowledge described by each unit of competency.
  • Students must demonstrate to a qualified assessor that they can effectively carry out the various tasks to the standard required in the appropriate industry to be assessed as competent.

HSC examination (optional)

  • The optional Higher School Certificate (HSC) examination for Industry Curriculum Framework (240 hours) courses will involve a written examination made up of multiple-choice items, short answers and extended response items.
  • The examination is independent of the competency-based assessment undertaken during the course and has no impact on the eligibility of a student to receive AQF qualifications.

Work placement

  • Students in Industry Curriculum Framework courses must complete work placement of up to 70 hours for a 2 unit x 2 year course (240 hours). Additional hours are required for any extension courses - typically 35 hours for 120 hours of HSC credit.

School based apprenticeships and traineeships

  • School based apprenticeships and traineeships prepare students for a career in a particular industry, provide a training wage and skills training both on-the-job and off-the-job at school, TAFE NSW or with a private training provider.
  • Apprenticeships and/or Traineeships are available in a range of HSC VET courses, including all Industry Curriculum Frameworks.
  • A school based traineeship is generally completed over two years while students are still at school as part of the HSC.
  • A school based apprenticeship is undertaken over 2 years part-time while students are still at school as part of the HSC, and then continued over 3 years full-time post school.

The school's Careers Advisor or VET Coordinator has more information on VET courses and school based apprenticeships and traineeships.